PokéGold Gym Rules

Rules (all apply to both leaders and challengers)

• Always follow /rules
• 3 Pokemon max
• No duplicate Pokémon [Pokémon with the same Pokédex ID]
• No renamed Pokémon
• 1 Ultra Beast allowed
• No Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon or Ultra Necrozma
• 1 Mega and 1 Legendary/Mythical allowed [Mega Legendaries and Primals count for both slots]
• No using FEAR tactics or variations of FEAR
• No PP Stalling or variations of PP Stalling
• A challenger may only use a Legendary/Mythical if the gym leader is using one (indicated by a green [L] next to the gym leader's name in /gyms)
• Pokemon must be level locked at all times
• No Dragon Rage or Sonic Boom
• The following clauses must be followed: Bag, OHKO, Sleep, Moody, Baton Pass, Evasion, Item and Endless Battle. For more info visit smogon.com/bw/banlist
• Gym leaders may use Pokemon whose mega forms typing align with their original typing, however, they must mega within the first turn of swapping the Pokemon out. [using Mega Altaria in Fairy is allowed for example, but using it in Flying is not]
• No using Dynamax Pokemon
• Challengers must ALWAYS start the battle with the Pokemon thrown out first
• Battle rules must be used of a Challenger's Pokemon is underleveled, and may also be used if they are two levels over
• If a Challenger’s Pokemon levels up during a gym battle you may decide if it qualifies as a win or not, but you must be consistent with this choice
• If your opponent disconnects unexpectedly during battle, wait a few minutes and do not heal or alter your Pokemon. If they rejoin, resume the battle from where you were
• Challengers MAY NOT "borrow" another person's team for the sole purpose of defeating a gym. You must train your own Pokemon with your own movesets and strategies. If you’ve purchased a pokemon in a trade you may still challenge a gym as long as it follows the previous rules. Gym Leaders may still disqualify you if they feel you’re using a Pokemon/team that’s not yours. For example if you’re using the same team & strategy that a Gym Leader lost to the previous day, they may see fit to disqualify you
• You may not disclose any other gym leader's teams nor direct players towards flaws or counters
• The moves 'Z-Hypnosis' & 'Destiny Bond' are temporarily banned in Player Gyms due to a Pixelmon bug
• The Gorilla Tactics ability is banned until it's properly coded

Gym Leader Guidelines

• Always be nice and welcoming to Challengers of your gym
• It’s highly recommended that your team is fully IV and EV trained
• You’re only allowed to reject a Challenger with good reason, ask a staff member if you're unsure. If you apply for a Gym Leader position, you’re responsible for accepting battles. You may not frequently AFK as it detracts from everyone's experience
• Upon two weeks of inactivity your Gym Leader status will be revoked. If staff are notified beforehand an extra two weeks of grace period may be granted
• If you want to discuss a Gym Leader's application, please be constructive and only comment on their Pokemon team. Let character and behavior be determined by staff

Gym Leader Commands

/leader accept - accepts the most recent battle request
/leader deny - denies the most recent battle request
/leader give - gives your most recent opponent their badge
/leader won - marks the most recent battle as a win (to track your win/loss stats)
/leader legend [true/false] - indicates whether or not your party contains a legendary in /gyms
/leader stats - view your win/loss ratio for each gym you're a leader of