PokeDash Gym Updates

Hiya PokeDash after reset we have decided to update our gym system quite a lot. We've changed the rules, which pokemon are or aren't allowed and more! One of the major changes is that we are changing to Generation 8 National Dex, this means that you can now use Generation 8 Pokemon in our Gyms! This format is a new format that includes pokemon from all the generations even if they are in the Gen 8 dex or not. We have removed the Legendary & Ultra Beast rule meaning you can use as many legendaries and ultra beasts in gym battles as you want, as long as they aren't banned. We have also spiced up our Elite 4 a little bit as well making it more fun for the leaders and challengers. Our Fairy & Psychic E4 has become a Doubles battle, and our Water & Ground E4 uses Dynamax instead of Mega Evolution! We've made more changes so please read below for a full list of what we've changed with our Gyms!

  • Changed to Gen 8 National Dex Format
  • Changed some of the Level Caps (Electric [25], Ground [40], Fighting [50], Flying [55], Ghost [60], Bug [65])
  • Banned a handful of "OP" [Uber] Pokemon (Follows National Dex Ban List: https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/formats/national-dex/)
  • Banned Dragon Rage, Shell Smash, Sonic Boom, Steel Beam
  • Allowed Elite 4 Challengers to begin the Elite 4 with a change already allowed.
  • Allowed Elite 4 Challengers & Leaders to use one "OP" [Uber] Pokemon in the Elite 4.
  • Changed the Fairy & Psychic E4 to be a Doubles Battle
  • Changed the Water & Ground E4 to use Dynamax instead of Mega Evolution (You must get your own Dynamax Band).

If you have any questions please contact Shyry_ or Iamforthewin if there is any questions about the new Gym Changes. All of these changes will only be active after reset.