PokéBrawl Gym Rules

Rules (all apply to both leaders and challengers):
● Always follow /rules
● No healing items
● 4 Pokémon max (Including 1 Ultrabeast and 1 Legendary Pokémon)
● Challengers MUST wait an hour before challenging another gym leader (regardless of if they win or lose).
● Items focus sash and heavy-duty boots are limited to one of each per team.
● No Gear Up, Z-Hypnosis, Destiny Bond, Arena Trap, Power Construct, or Shadow Tag. (Keep in mind that Mirror Coat and Counter aren't correct: Mirror Coat can hit Dark types and Counter can hit Ghost types, but they'll be allowed due to strategy implications.)
● The following clauses must be followed: OHKO, Sleep, Moody, Baton Pass, Evasion and Dynamax
● Banlist: Gen7 ( https://www.smogon.com/dex/sm/formats/uber/) and Gen8 (https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/formats/uber/) Ubers list  +Magearna, Melmetal and Mega Blastoise (Only count the Pokemon section of the Uber pages).
● Clangorous Soul is temporarily banned due to being bugged
● No using Pokémon/moves that are not intended to be in the game (i.e. from a glitch)
● Gym Leaders may only use Pokémon whose original form aligns with their gym type
● Challengers must ALWAYS start the battle with the Pokémon thrown out first
● All Gyms are Level 100. Any Pokemon below this level threshold will be automatically levelled up for the battle by the Battle Rules.
● If your opponent disconnects unexpectedly during battle, wait a few minutes and do not heal or alter your Pokémon. If they re-join, resume the battle from where you were.
● Challengers MAY NOT "borrow" another person's team for the sole purpose of defeating a gym. You must train your own Pokémon with your own movesets and strategies. If you’ve purchased a Pokémon in a trade you may still challenge a gym as long as it follows the previous rules. Gym Leaders may still disqualify you if they feel you’re using a Pokémon/team that’s not yours. For example if you’re using the same team & strategy that a Gym Leader lost to the previous day, they may see fit to disqualify you
● No viewing the opponent's team by pressing U
● You may only win against each gym once per day
● No intentionally battling leaders for the achievement of ruining their win/loss ratio
● Temporary ban of Aegislash and Golisopod
● PB Gym Viability Sheet - https://bit.ly/3grDA7G

Elite 4 Additional Rules:
● Elite 4 is 6 Pokémon, instead of 4
● 2 Legendary Limit & 2 Ultra Beast Limit (1 Focus sash limit is still in place)
● Team Preview is on
● No use of bag items

Gym Leader Info

Gym Leader Guidelines:
● Always be nice and welcoming to Challengers of your gym.
● Your Pokémon MUST be fully IV and EV trained.
● You’re only allowed to reject a Challenger with good reason, ask a staff member if you're unsure. If you apply for a Gym Leader position, you’re responsible for accepting battles. You may not frequently AFK as it detracts from everyone's experience.
● Upon one week of inactivity your Gym Leader status will be revoked. If staff are notified beforehand an extra two weeks of grace period may be granted.
● If you want to discuss a Gym Leader's application, please be constructive and only comment on their Pokémon team. Let character and behaviour be determined by staff.
● Gym Leaders may not request/ask players for gym battles.
● 3 gym leader positions per player.

Gym Leader Commands:
● /leader accept - accepts the most recent battle request/leader deny - denies the most recent battle request
● /leader give - gives your most recent opponent their badge
● /leader won - marks the most recent battle as a win (to track your win/loss stats)
● /leader stats - view your win/loss ratio for each gym you're a leader of.