Map Reset + Massive Update + Servers Merged

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again! With the current map being eight months old, we decided this is the perfect time to do a reset. We’ve had an amazing run on this map, the server has evolved and improved so much thanks to all of your suggestions and feedback.

Heading into the next map we've made some major changes to many aspects of the server and economy which we believe will make for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. Please read through the entire post because a lot has changed.

Everything except the following will be reset:

  • Ranks - type /bonus to claim the items (available in 2 weeks)
  • Purchased kits - will become available in 1 week (although you may claim them once initially)
  • Titles, Emotes, Cosmetics, Nicknames, and /playtime
  • Items/Pokemon purchased from the donor store between October 28th to November 28th - will be automatically re-executed in 1 week

This will be taking place on Saturday November 28th at 3 PM EST

Old Map Changes

  • Approximately 1 hour before the reset is released, we will enable /kit tnt and unprotect spawn :)
  • Staff will not be enforcing any economy rules for the rest of the map
  • Donor store has been disabled
  • Enabled /coinflip
Server Updates
(available after the reset)

Network Merge + Rebrand

I am thrilled to announce a massive change to our family of servers - we are merging into a single hub server which is now known as PokeZone! This won't really have much of an effect on your experience other than having to select your desired server by right clicking the compass in the hub, and using this new website and donation store; additionally all servers (except PZ) will still be identified as their current names in the hub. This merge will allow us to flex our dominance and obtain a much greater ranking on voting sites, among numerous other benefits. The old websites will remain online for a few weeks while we finish migrating a few remaining functions. Until we have a permanent solution developed we will be using (temporary domain) for all applications & appeals. Lastly, the PokeZone Red and Blue servers will be rebranded as PokeGold and PokeSilver, respectively.

Shard Armor

Obtain various types of “shards” as rare drops from the methods outlined in the /shards menu. These shards (and EXP) may then be crafted into shard armor, enchanted shards, enchanted shard armor, shard armor repair tokens, or (HA shards only) Breedable HA vouchers. Each armor type grants the wearer a unique special ability, some of my personal favorites include Floaty Armor (for Champions and below) which grants the ability to fly for a limited time, and Lucky Armor which handsomely buffs reward pools from crates. Although after enough uses the armor will break unless a repair token is applied, which requires additional shards and EXP to craft.

Arguably the most impactful change of this entire update is the introduction of craftable Breedable/Legendary HA Vouchers, which cost 40 and 60 HA shards to craft respectively. We’ve decided to implement this change to prevent players from amassing ridiculous amounts of wealth simply from maintaining a monopoly on a certain highly desired HA Pokemon. Such activities are far too OP and have a detrimental impact on the server’s long term economy.

Daily Quests

Everyday at midnight PST all players will be assigned a new set of 5 randomized quests, each of which will yield a randomized reward upon completion. Complete 3 of these quests per day to build up a Daily Quest Streak. As you complete more quests, both the difficulty and rewards will gradually increase over time. Those who complete these quests daily will be raking in some very powerful rewards by mid to late map.


We’ve replaced the old McMMO and Level System plugins with a new and greatly improved system. Run /skills to easily view all skills and their corresponding abilities. Reaching certain levels will yield a Skill Key, which is equivalent to the old Level Key. The amount of EXP required to level up is identical to the old system, although EXP yields for the Pokemon related skills have been adjusted to better align with the other skills. Various Tiered Quest Lines have also been overhauled to require a certain skill level in order to begin certain quests - we feel that certain quests were able to be completed with far too much ease.

Dynamax Raids

Every few hours a buffed Dynamax Raid Boss will spawn at a random location in the overworld. The first 3 players who are able to defeat it within 3 attempts will be rewarded with a Dynamax Band, and the first person to defeat it will receive a Boss Key if they already have the band. In order to prevent cheaters from teleporting to their friend, we’ve implemented the same teleportation restrictions used for DropCrates. View information about the last raid with /lastraid.

Nexus Overhaul

The current Nexus system has been due for modernizations for quite some time now. This new system allows buyers to find shops stocked with exactly what they’re looking for significantly quicker and easier than before, as well as adds some very nice QOL features for shop owners.

  • /nexus - prompts a GUI that displays all Nexuses - left click to teleport and right click to mark as a favorite
  • /nexus search <item> - displays every stocked Nexus selling your desired item (ex: /nexus search rare candy)
  • /nexus boost - pay $35k for your Nexus to be displayed on the main /nexus menu for 3 days
  • /nexus broadcast <message> - broadcasts a custom clickable advertisement for your Nexus
  • /nexus upgrade - unlock the ability to format your broadcasts with special colors and styles
  • /nexus stock - displays the stock status of all shops in your Nexus

Quest Changes

  • Removed the Pokedex Quest Line and replaced it with last map’s /dex system.
  • Overhauled the Catcher, Evolutions, and Breeder Quest Lines to require certain Pokemon types
  • Overhauled the Miner, Lumberjack, Mob Hunter, Battler, Breeder, Catcher, and Fisher Quest Lines to require a certain /skill level in order to start the quest (starting at tier 2)
  • Added 2 new Quest Lines: Farmer and Adventure
  • Overhauled the Fisher Quest Line to require mostly Pokemon fishing related challenges instead of vanilla ones
  • Adjusted the rewards and requirements of most Quest Lines
  • Removed the World Boss Quest Line
  • Added /q leaderboard which displays the users who’ve completed the most of each type of quest

New Features

  • Custom Starters - spice your Pokemon adventure up with one of our 25 custom starters
  • Head Shop - browse through a selection of over 30,000 heads (including staff heads!) in /headshop, or search for a specific one with /headshop search <term>
  • PokeMenu - get a quick overview of the server’s most useful features with /pokemenu

Buffs & Nerfs

  • World Bosses: nerfed each tier’s rewards, and increased the average spawn interval
  • Flash Hunts: nerfed the rewards, increased the average spawn interval, and decreased the hunt duration. Players are no longer able to win twice in a row.
  • Voting Streaks: after years of complaining we’ve finally listened - voting streaks now expire after 1 week. As this is much easier to maintain we’ve also nerfed the rewards

Crate Changes

  • All Crates: lowered the odds of God Tools, slightly lowered Token and money yields
  • Master/Ultra/Great Crates: added random TMs/TRs, various Shards, and the God Rod
  • Voting: Removed the Orb and God Rod
  • Boss: Nerfed the Token and Random Pokemon Voucher yields
  • Omega: Added an “Omega Pickaxe” which contains Efficiency 20, Unbreaking 20, and Fortune 10. This pickaxe may also be obtained by reaching level 330 in two different /skills

Minor Changes

  • Generation 8 Pokemon are now permitted in every gym, although Dynamax and Gigantamax may not be used in any gym unless explicitly stated
  • Added a limit of 5 transactions per Wandering TM Shop for Mythics and below
  • Added /sell <hand/all> to Legendaries+
  • Added a scaling factor when upgrading Ditto’s IVs with PokeBuilder - the cost per IV now increases as the IV percentage increases
  • Implemented a new tier based system for determining Ditto’s minimum price
  • Added a 2x Mob EXP multiplier for Masters+ and a 3x multiplier for PokeMasters
  • Fixed and re-enabled the Aura Key and PokeParticles in /cosmetics
  • The free key NPC in spawn now gives a Shiny Key after linking your Discord account, if your account is already linked simply run /link
  • Added a Speed II boost in spawn on Legends, Club, Silver, and Gold as the builds are quite large
  • Removed the dTokens kit, it was far too OP and was devastating the token economy. If you own this kit you may exchange it for another of similar value with /swapkits. If you already own all kits of similar value please create a ticket in Discord
  • Added a 10 minute cooldown to relisting a Pokemon on the GTS
  • Increased the price of the highest tier Nexus pad
  • The following features will be disabled for the start of the map: World Bosses (3 days), Global Quests (7 days), /speed greater than 2 (3 days), and /stats rewards (1 month)
  • Removed individual Pokemon from the donor store. Users who purchased individual Pokemon within the last month will have to create a ticket on Discord so we can credit you with a Shiny Legend Key
  • Improved the /baltop command

Server Specific Changes

  • (PD) Swapped all gyms to OU, click here read more about PD gym updates. Additionally all legendary and HA minimum prices have been adjusted to reflect this change
  • (PV) Breedable HA Pokemon are now able to be traded
  • (PB) Converted all donor ranks into the format used on the rest of the servers

Shop/Pricing Changes

  • Increased the minimum price of Tokens to $300/ea
  • Adjusted the price of nearly all legendaries
  • Added the following items to the Donor Shop: Ranch Block, Dynamax Candy, Prism Scale, Metal Coat, Up-Grade, Dubious Disc, Mints Cutting, Galarica Twig, and Galarica Cuff
  • Removed the following items to the Donor Shop: Incenses, Z-Crystals, Orbs, and Thunder Stone
  • Increased the cost of both hourglasses in the donor shop by $5k
  • Adjusted the sell price of the following items (excavation treasure drops): Nether Star ($25), Apple ($1.8), Blaze Rods ($2), Ghast Tear ($3.5), Slime Ball ($0.5), and Aluminum Ingot ($45)

Thank you everyone, I hope you will enjoy these changes!

- PokeZone Staff